About Our Market

This page is a starting point for researching information about Boeing Commercial Airplanes, our markets and business performance. The resources available from here are regularly updated according to the schedule set out for each type of information.

About Market Conditions and Forecasts

Long Term Market (CMO): Annual CMO (Current Market Outlook) publication presenting the detailed Boeing assessment of future global air transport markets. Includes an interactive database of forecast data.
Cargo Market Detail (WACF): Bi-annual publication presenting a detailed assessment of how cargo markets will develop. Summary cargo market data is also included in the annual Current Market Outlook.
Market Liberalization Study: A major, one-time study about the effect on global markets of lifting regulations governing market access to airline services. Commissioned by a varied collection of industry organizations.
Aircraft Economic Life White Paper: New Boeing research indicates that no matter how it is defined for industry purposes, there has been no fundamental change seen in the common determinants of aircraft economic life over the past 15 to 20 years.
Capacity Supply-Demand Balance: Boeing analysis provides a holistic view of the factors to consider in discussing whether overcapacity exists in the world’s fleet, and relies on key metrics and historical data to conclude that currently capacity supply and demand is in balance within the global air transport industry.

About Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Orders and Deliveries: Updated during the first week of every month, this interactive database provides details of orders and deliveries for all Boeing airplanes.
Randy's Journal: A blog of thoughts and observations hosted by Randy Tinseth, vice president, Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle. Updated frequently at irregular intervals.
Investor Relations: Presents a wide range of Information about the company for the investor community. Constantly updated.
StartupBoeing Resources for startup airlines and their investors. Always a good starting point for airline managers, updated as new resources become available.
News and Images: Updated with every news release and as new images become available.
Related Sites: Click on the link for further information on other Boeing Web sites.